Appendix to licence A 169271
Educational activity

Educational activity of the State Regional Educational Centre is regulated by the following documents:

  • License to conduct the educational activity in the field of postgraduate education A 169271 issued on 14 July 2005 by Russian Ministry of Common and Professional Education.

The mission of the State Regional Educational Centre (SEC) is to promote and provide postgraduate education, development of professional skills, and workforce training. The courses and programmes at SEC respond quickly to the needs of nuclear enterprises and community, use the advanced technologies and equipment in the training process and help students to upgrade their basic or higher education and get the new opportunities in their career development. Our training staff is comprised of high-qualified professionals. Besides that, the Centre involves into the training process leading experts of Russian Ministries, government bodies, prominent scientific and research institutions, and universities.

About 2000 managers and experts have passed the training at the Centre every year.

SEC provides the educational programmes in following directions::

  • Information and measuring technology; technologies of fiber-optic sensors and systems application.
  • Professional personnel training to gain qualification for hazardous waste management.
  • Industrial and civil construction.
  • Design technology preparation for procuring and metalworking industries.
  • Occupational safety, labor protection.
  • Accounting, analysis and audit.
  • Business economy and management.
  • Business English; Russian for foreign specialists.
  • Advanced information technologies.
  • Nuclear technologies and environmental safety.
  • Construction works in atomic industry.
  • Business administration.
  • Public relations.
  • Accounting, analysis and audit.

In direction Nuclear technologies, nuclear safety and environmental protection. Public relations. the State Educational Centre co-operates with International Atomic Energy Agency, International Science and Technology Centre, Lappeeeranta University of Technology (Finland), companies EDF and Siemens, USA National laboratories, companies EDF, Siemens, Pribory OY. The basic items of the co-operation are:
  • accounting and control of nuclear materials;
  • radiological protection of personnel of Nuclear Power Plants (NPP);
  • economic analysis and safety of NPP;
  • public relations in the nuclear power;
  • environmental protection;
  • intellectual property in R&D projects, etc.
How to contact us:
Head of department: T.Tairov
Phone/Fax.:+ 7 812-3945314;

Another main direction in educational activity is Construction in Atomic Industry . In this direction SEC offers its services in teaching and informational consulting in the following courses:
  • professional attestation of managers and experts working in building industry;
  • labour protection and environmental protection in building industry;
  • estimation of expenditures and prices in building industry (computer programs included);
  • advanced technologies, materials and equipment in building industry.
The last course is carried out by SEC in co-operation with foreign educational centres and building companies: Armstrong (USA), Remmers GmbH, Alfa Consultants GmbH, BASF (Germany), BERTRAND&ASSOCJES (France), AB SVENSKA SIKA, EURO INNOVATION AB/VRETMASKIN AB (Sweden), Minerit, INLOOK, FiCoTe (Finland), etc.

How to contact us:
Head of department: V.Galanichev
Phone/Fax.: +7 812-3941506
The direction Advanced Computer Technologies. Information and measuring technology; technologies of fiber-optic sensors and systems application. realises programmes in CAD/CAM/CAE systems based on CADCAM computer software products of DELCAM company for the three-dimensional design, manufacture and inspection of complex shapes, applications for the design, pattern making, tool making and Autodesk software product for drafting.

How to contact us:
Head of department: A.Orlov
Phone/Fax.:+ 7 812-3945408

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